LEWIS is an acronym for Local Employment and Wage Information System, an automated system for producing custom occupational wage and employment publications from the results of the annual occupational employment survey. This project was developed by the The North Carolina Department of Commerce in cooperation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the OES Policy Council. Currently the LEWIS system is maintained by the State of Utah Department of Technology Services and is overseen by the Analyst Resource Center(ARC).

State and Territory analysts can request access to LEWIS in the cloud at the ULMITA website.

What is the ARC?

ARC Structure

The US Employment and Training Administration (ETA) provides funding to states to ensure that locally held labor market information (LMI) data is maintained and stored efficiently and consistently to facilitate its effective use and sharing. States get grants to directly support their work toward this aim. But what is the standard they're trying to achieve? Who determines what the priorities are and how to structure them? These are complex questions that have answers that evolve as the available technology and data change. The Analyst Recource Center (ARC) is group of state managers and database administrators who do this work on a day to day basis and who come together to set standards for the database.

Also Supported by ARC - Employer Database

The Employer Database is a privately collected database containing information from over 12 million businesses throughout the country. This database includes the name, address, telephone number, contact person, and industry designation for each of these businesses. The ARC is responsible for the procurement and dissemination of the database to states for use in workforce development activities.

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